How to Scale Your Cloud-Native Monitoring Platform

with Entrust Datacard


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A DevOps approach for IT infrastructure monitoring and incident management

In order to provide trusted identities and secure transactions to its customers, Entrust Datacard requires a flexible, scalable monitoring solution that provides a unified view of its cloud-native applications.

Learn how Entrust Datacard quickly identifies, resolves and prevents issues using a microservices architecture and cloud-native monitoring platform to deliver seamless customer experiences every time.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How to use a DevOps approach to monitoring
  • Best practices to scale your monitoring solutions
  • How Entrust Datacard monitors trace, syslog and metric data from sources like Amazon CloudWatch, Application Load Balancer, and Amazon Aurora

Featured Speakers

Girish Bhat
Sr. Enterprise Cloud Architect
Entrust Datacard

Robert Boyce
Product Marketing Director
Splunk Inc.